A place to share and experience through cooking.

Here recipes are arranged according to the Cast (people/

ingredient/ weather) of the day. Every apple differs in sweetness

and acid, peoples tastes differ and taste preference  also changes

by weather and mood. That is why our recipes are not fixed rather

arranged together with the team. This way, when you go back

home to remake the recipe for your family or can not find an

ingredient listed in the recipe, you will know better how to arrange

the recipe.  For more information please click photos below.


a liitle bit of what i do...



  • Napa Valley Vintners Japan representative(2013~)

  • Culinary Institute of America, Japan office assistant (2010~)

  • Amecian Embassy Japan Chef Consultant(2008~2015)

  • Nippon Gochiso Select Culinary Director (2015~)

<recipe development>

Oisix Kichijyoji, Pan & Espresso, Jetro, MAFF, Miso board, Sunkist, MEFF,
Bare Mineals, Toranomon  kofee, Omotesando kofee, Afternoon tea,
Marriot hotel nagoya, Berkley Bowl, etc


Asahi Weekely colum (2015-1017), NHK, Elle a tabe, Orange page,
Dancyu, Nikei Healthy, Very, Story, Sf Gate, 

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Food & Wine specialist

Ema Koeda(小枝絵麻)

Recipe development / food and wine pairing / restaurant planning coordinator of international food culture exchange

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1978. Returned to Tokyo and soon moved to NY then to New Jersey and spent my core education in the States. I moved back to Tokyo for college and
entered Jochi (Sophia) University and studied abroad in Boston College Business School as exchange student and graduated with a degree in Comparative Culture and International Business in year 2000.
With strong passion toward food, I joined Myu Planning, Inc., one of the largest restaurant consulting company operated in Japan. There I help create concepts and menus for various restaurants in Japan as well as other Asian market for 4 years.
Pursuing my passion for food and wine, I went back to the United States to study at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa, California.
Following my graduation, I interned at Chalk Hill Estate; a private winery with a private chef trained at Ritz Carlton to expanded my skills on food pairing. Since 2005, I work as a freelance food and wine specialist consulting for restaurants, cafes and managing my own cooking school Today one of my goals is to become a bridge factor between cultures for food and wine.
And in October 2008, I have signed an agreement with Agricultural Trade Office US Embassy in Tokyo, to promote American Food Products in Japan.From January 2009 I am working as a representing The Culinary Institute of America's・2010 Worlds of Flavor® International Conference & Festival・Japan to promote Japanese food culture to the States.

Since 2013, Ema also has been appointed the Japan Contractor for Napa Valley Vintners. In 2015 with the Japanese Government, launched Nippon Gochiso Select with her peers to introduce Artisanal small production Japanese food products overseas. As a mother of 3 children, feels the importance for food education from a young age.