wine & food

Wine and food pairing sounds difficult, but once you get the idea you will soon be able to enjoy how wine can enhance your food. I have created a food and wine pairing chart which you can follow to make a successful pairing. Since we are in Japan, I try to focus on pairing wines with local Japanese ingredients.


modern japanese

Following the rules of Japanese home cooking, I have added some modern ideas, as using global herbs and vegetables. The Japanese food prepared here are enjoyed by both local Japanese and International group of people.
If you are new to Japanese food but would like to learn more, this class may be good start for you. Or if you want to try a new take on Japanese Home cooking, you will enjoy it as well.


modern america

This is a new style of American Cuisine which takes attention of seasonality and produce. Diversity and creativity of America though is added and its flavors are unique but also comforting.



This is a custom made class for private lessons and company.
Many companies has used this class as a team building event when their oversea team or guest is in town. You can choose from English, Japanese or Bilingual classes. Menu will be also customized.

-Nike international team building (Japanese Bento)
-Swiss clock company (Sake pairing)
-International College and Japanese College (Home cooking)
-Chefs from overseas (learning and cooking with Miso)