Carpacio with Kiwi Salsa

白身魚のカルパッチョ キュウイサルサ

Try this recipe when you have a wine that has an Kiwi aroma.
If the wine you want to drink does not have a Kiwi aroma, subsitute it with the aroma you fine. If you wine has an Apple aroma, subsite apple for kiwi.

I recommend a Napa Sauvignon Blanc with this recipe.

White Fish Sashimi quality  刺身の白身魚 200g

Salt 1%  of fish  魚に対して1%の塩

Ingredient 【A 】

 Kiwi 2 キウイ 2個

 Red onion 赤玉ねぎ 20g

 Lime 1 ライム 1個

 Cilantro minced コリアンダーみじん切り 15g

 Garlic grated  にんにくすりおろし 2g

 Olive oil オリーブオイル 大さじ1

1.Season wish with salt and rest 20 minutes. Then rinse with water and patt dry fish.
2.In a bowl combine ingredient A   and season to taste.
3.Slice fish and garnish with salsa sauce