Thick Roast Beef


Thick Cut Roast Beef 厚切りローストビーフ 


American Beef Round 肩ロース(かたまり) 500g

Garlic にんにく(すりおろす) 10g

Mentsuyu めんつゆ(3倍濃縮) 120cc

Olive oil オリーブオイル 20cc

Procedure 作り方:

1 Place all ingredients in a zip lock back and marinate for 3 hours. Then wrap with plastic wrap and Alumium foil.


2 Place meat block prepared in step 1 in a pot and cover with water. Cook for 60 min under just boiling water.鍋にたっぷりの水と1を入れておし蓋をして60分中火で加熱。沸騰しそうな場合は火を弱める。

3 Remove from Pot and rest till warm to handle.  Drain liquid through a coffee filter and heat in pan till boiling for 1 min.  Slice a thick cut of beef and serve with sauce and some vegetables.