Thick Cut American Roast Beef


Ingredients  材料

American Thick Roast beef  2kg  or larger USビーフ塊肉 2kg以上

Salt 1% of Beef weight 肉の重量に対して1%の塩

Garlic にんにく

Thyme, Rosemary chopped  タイム、ローズマリー(粗みじん)

Plastic Wrap サランラップ

Aluminum foil ラルミホイル


1.Marinate Beef for at least 8 hours to 1 day in refregierator.
2.Tightly wrap Beef with plastic wrap and then foil.
3.Remove from fridge to room temprature.
4.Put in pan big enough and cover with water and cook till beef temprature reaches 130
5.Rest in room temprature. If grilling that day put on heat and grill all sides.
6.If grilling on a different day keep in refreigerator and remove 1 hour prior to grilling.