Tofu Olive Kale Wrap



Tofu Olive paste:

•1can of piited ripe black olives 
•Firm Tofu (350-400g)
•Olive oil 3 Tbsp
•Sugar 1/2 tsp 
•Salt 1/2tsp 
•Gralic grated 3g

I can of pitted ripe black olives 

Sprout  80g

Carrot  350g Shredded +salt 1 tsp

Zucchini 250g Shredded +salt 1 tsp

Flat Kale  8 big leaves

Avocado 2個  +lemon +pinch of salt


1.Boil the tofu from coild water for 1 min and drain for at least 3 hours.
2. In a blender add tofu from step one with ingredient A and pure.
3. Crush olives with your fingers and add to pure and mix with spatula.
4.Shredd the vegetables, season and squeeze to remove water.
5.Blanch kale in 10% sodium water. and pat dry.
6.Wrap kale with Sprout 10g, Avocado 2 slice (40g), Tofu olive paste 60g, Carrots 30g, Zucchini 20g